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Dancer headdresses and backpacks. Arcadia Bug

Made from recycled materials – we made the bespoke dancer headdresses for Piloxercise Body positive dancing  and Arcadia Bug, showcasing at Glastonbury Festival and  St. Paul’s Carnival.

Sivaji. Global Grooves

Padmini needed a boyfriend!

Here he is .. he was designed and created by me and my amazing and talented work experience assistants from Plymouth College of Art -Alex Charles, Jesse and Emma. His hair was styled by Mel Roberts , and Helen Thompson fashioned his belts.


Wings. Broken Spectacles

We made some wings, using silk scraps and all things textiles.

For their open air production of Psyche and Cupid

Oxun. Future Leaders

This is a costume I devised with Emily Wood for the Future Leaders Course 2019.
With Emily leading on Batik design and techinque for silk, and myself on Costume Design, technical drawing, pattern-cutting and structure, we facilitated this production for a group of 10 Visual Artists on the course.

The opportunity was for them to develop skills in creating large-scale, carnival, structural costumes. And to give them hands on experience in working in the creative industries.



Padmini. Global Grooves
I designed and created my muse Padmini into a 4m tall puppet.
Leading 4 days of Puppet building workshops for 10 Visual Artists on the future leaders programme. Mentoring these young artists during a hands-on experience, on gaining skills in basic engineering, sculpting, costume and character dressing.

Skills learnt:
Metal work/ metal sculpting
3D applications using foam
Sewing on the stand and on the machine- Giant size.
Technical drawings.
Use of glues and adhesives, specialist practices and equipment.

Project Phoenix. Global Grooves
Designed and created Not 1 but 2 giant puppets!

3m50 tall Oxumare Puppet and Kinky Robot puppet I.O.L.A.
Assisted by several talented individuals: Pete I, Andrianna Moulinos, Elleese Young.

First in Line. Kinetika Bloco
Costume maker.

150 Costumes in all!
25 Dancer Costumes
125 Musicians
1 Mother earth Costume

Made with my team of amazingly talented hands: Helen Thompson and Jane Sneddon with  a three week trunaround.
Designer Lesley-Ann Wells
Photos for Kinetika Bloco here and beyond taken by the amazingly talented Richard Fresh-Richi Haynes.

The Wheel House. Acroujou
Wheel Dresser



Future Leaders. Mossley Light Festival 2017

Lead Structural artist

Helping the team of Future Leaders Visual artists to tackle their structural issues on their puppets:

Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games Opening Ceremony 2017

Unity. Kinetika Bloco
Costume maker: 25 dancers skirts

Made with my team of talented artists Alice Wood and Reyes Andivia
Designer Lesley-Ann Wells.

Stowe School Roald Dhal Day

A monkey’s tale

Mirfield Carnival

Preston Carnival

Islamic Games Baku Opening and Closing Ceremonies 2017

El Callao Carnival


Moon Puppet. Mossley Light Festival. Global Grooves Manchester
Designer, maker, Lead artist

I was invited to challenge myself. I have always wanted to build my own puppet.
I would love to do more sculpture, and more human forms- especially female.
I asked argescale Puppet maker Tony Mason to provide me with a mechanical skeleton with “something that spins”
Sculpting with Aluminium tube, piano wire and nylon rod, covered in silk strapping and a light stretch gauze.
Thank goodness for Rowan, Rachel, Julie and Kate who got her dressed in time for the show!
Although I call her the “moon puppet” she is one of three puppets who are the same character at different phases in her life.
This phase is industry. The Mills in Mossley.

Special thanks to Global Grooves for the opportunity and to Christian Dyson for photos

On Tenterhooks. Exeter Unexpected Festival. Oceanallover/ Exeter Council
Prop Maker

Props for an extraordinary, free performance and music event to mark the 450th anniversary of Exeter’s ship canal.
35 Fly Backpacks, 35 pairs of Fly sticks
7 Stergeherder brollies and hooves
2 Narrator sticks
Assisted once again by my wonderful Family and Helen Thompson.
Event photos by Theo Moye


Rexy the Coach Dinosaur. Unveiling their largest store in the world. Billie Achilleos/ Coach
Lead Artist assisting Designer/Maker Billie with her mammoth Rexy.

Cutting/ adapting/ resewing leather bags to suit the design.
On the Body “Dressing”
Strict caution with the goods. Meticulous attention to detail.
Use of cylinder and flat bed walking foot machines as well as on-the-structure build

The Peacocks. Creating Carnival for Mossley Light Festival Cabasa Carnival Arts
Peacock Puppet Structural and decorative Lead artist

The brief was make two large Peacock puppets using pre-made frames.
The reality was :
Adapting the frame and mechanism to fit the body.
Make two backpacks, the tail structure and joints for frame.
Sculpting peacock heads
Dressing the frame
Co-supervising production with Emily Wood and assisted by Kathy Briggs and Rowan Taylor

The Gifting Tree. Devizes Carnival DOCA Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts
Designer/ maker/ workshop leader/ performer
Tree design and structure by Tony Mason

A piece designed to involve elders who may not easily access Carnival into the Carnival.
Workshops in association with Alzheimer’s Support, the Leisure Centre and Hayward Centre.
Participants were invited to make leaves, recording a moment of celebration in their lives.
Blue and Yellow, Lace and Metal, with a traditional twist…
embracing the dualities of motion, between the world of our physical and spiritual.
Assisted by the fantastic Helen Thompson and my very talented family.

Bahia to Brixton XV Kinetika Bloco
Costume Maker

Costumes for this year featuring two designs for the dancers which were lovingly made in our studio in Devon.
Lined, darted and made to fit all sizes, for female and male dancers!
Designer: Lesley-Ann Wells
Assisted by the amazing Kitty Power and my family who played a huge part in making this happen!

The Patron’s Lunch Tony Mason and Kinetika Design Studio
Puppet Costume Lead Maker

We created these magnificent puppets for The Patron’s Lunch celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday.
Designed and executed by Tony Mason, held by Edwina Rigby and Kinetika.
I was responsible for costume-
Pattern cutting off the puppet. Prototyping/ sewing.
Allowing for both puppet and puppeteer movement
Considering design, scale, impact and budget of course
Aren’t they cute?
Photo credits to Edwina Rigby and BBC screenshots

All at Sea Acroujou.
Props/ scenic

Dressing the boat…
This was a last minute contact where I was asked to make a boat look weathered.
And all of this done between wet rehearsals- naturally!
A very enjoyable reminiscence of my years spent on a tall ship…

Desperately Seeking Shakespeare Burn the Curtain.
Costume Designer and Maker

A site-specific interactive performance commissioned by the Museum of London, seeking words to create a master work either as a wandering poet, or as the Night Watch, trying to track down vagabonds…

Coach Monkeys Billie Achilleos/ Coach
Props maker/ Leatherwork/ sewing

Assisting Billie with her crazy Monkeys from bags..!
Lots of precise handsewing and careful attention to detail.


UAE 44 National Day Official Ceremony, Five Currents
Lead Props Maker

Making magic from what is available
Workshop management to international team of 14 members

EXPO 2015 Milan, Kinetika Design Studio
Props Maker

Prototyping Leaf banners/ dunes to strict client specifications.
On site rigging of all flags.

Kinetika Bloco Play On, Kinetika Bloco
Costume Maker

Skirts and headdresses for the annual performance of 25 Dancers

Baku 2015 European Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Kinetika Design Studio, Five Currents.
Props Maker AKA Ceremonies Ninja.

Taking on crises tasks and making it happen.
Communicating between production, design, making and workforce teams.

Extra-firm pillows, 80 havana-brown sand bags, sliding-pole mechanisms, 15-second carpet display, placard backpacks and a piano.

Royal Opera House Deloitte Festival, Kinetika Design Studio, Royal Opera House.
Costume Maker.

Making Carmen her new skirt for her Opera performance in Covent garden.

‘Cinderella’ , TAODS
Props and ASM

Idollatra, iola



Unexpected Exeter “Circus Carnival Finale”, Exeter Council.

Designing 50 carnival costumes and leading the make with local community, culminating in a procession through Exeter on August 31.

Southbank Festival of Love “Tanabata Lanterns”, Kinetika Design Studio and the Japan Society
Head of department/ Structural dresser.

Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare’s Globe. Bill Dudley
Commissioned to make 6 Roman armour suits, helms and limbs.

Bloco “On de Road”, Kinetika Bloco

Headdress and steel pan backpacks Maker

Hull freedom Festival “World of Colour Parade” , Cabasa Carnival Arts
Technical expertise on butterfly wings and backpacks.
Make up.


Edward II, National Theatre- Joe Hill-Gibbins
Head of Costume Props

Responsible for realisation of 30 Medieval Helmets, customisation of armour.

Bloco “on the Corner”, Kinetika Bloco
Rose headdresses Maker and after effects.

Rugby League World Cup Opening Ceremony, Kinetika Design Studio
Make up Artist and Workshop Leader

Leading Make-up training and application for 500 participants.

Mill Road Winter Festival, Kinetika- Cambridge.
Tower Costume Designer. Costume Supervisor

Training artists to lead silk-dyeing and batik mobile-making workshops with community groups.
Supporting the learning process from concept design, workshop set-up and project completion.

Sitare Festival London Designer Outlet 2013-2014. Kinetika Design Studio
Head of Costume

Skirts and headdresses- Training artists and Make-up design.
Engaging 150 pupils from 2 primary schools in Wembley to create Head-dresses and mobiles.


Our Greatest Team Parade, Kinetika Design Studio
Lead Structural Dresser/ pattern cutter/ department training

Structural Dresser of the Olympic Lion puppets created by Tony Mason and pattern cutter for lion manes.
Co-leading training of volunteers with Tony.

Paralympic Closing Ceremonies, Olympic stadium, Kinetika Design Studio
Lead Structural Dresser

for Tony Mason’s carousel creatures and Mike’s Marvellous Machines.
Leading artists and volunteers through the make.

Manchester Day Parade, Kinetika Design Studio

Head of department/ Pattern cutter/ Costume maker: skirts, wings, backpacks, accessories and make-up

Mentoring artists and volunteers with Ali Pretty and Edwina Rigby for “Elevate” training programme with Walk the Plank and Emily Wood.

Dress the World, Kinetika People
Lead Textile artist/ assistant Designer

Creating repeat prints for screen-printing in photoshop, and printing fabric for costumes inspired by the Dress the world exhibition in Nottingham.

Luton and Cambridge Torch Relays, Carnival Crossroads/Kinetika Design Studio

Laminate Costumes and headdresses with Milton Rd Primary and Comberton College Arts GCSE.

Basingstoke World Party in the Park, 2011 and 2012. Kinetika Design Studio/ The Making, Basingstoke Council

Mobiles Workshop Leader making 60+ mobiles for final procession involving Design, Batik and Silk dyeing with pupils from infant schools, KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4 for D&T Textiles GCSE


Maison & Objet exhibition 2013 “Tab Lamps”, Barber Osgerby

Prototyping a professional cover for Tab Lamps- Japanese rice paper on aluminium frame

Notting Hill Carnival Queen Costume, Yaa Asantewaa

Queen skeleton costume for stilt-walking and illustration of band designs.

Summers Town Carnival & 40yr Bangladesh Independence, South Camden Community College, British Museum.

Leading 100 KS3 art students and public to create exotic birds head-dresses for carnival.

Hackney One Carnival, Kinetika Design Studio

Head of structural costume: Pattern- cutting, sewing and rigging Wings, flags, skirts.

Assisting in Batik.

Kingston International Youth Arts Festival, Kinetika People

Creating 55 banners and 100 large bunting triangles.

Latin American Worker’s Association Banners

Batiking and rigging silk banners with members of the public in Elephant and Castle Mall.

Conceptualised to promote the Association to Latin-american and other minority communities in London.


Bexleyheath Carnival “Grumblebum”, Kinetika

Costuming large Victorian school-teacher puppet created by Tony Mason.

Schools workshops making laminate hard-hats and crowns



Fifa Club World Cup UAE Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Kinetika Design Studio

Assistant to Designer Ali Pretty.

Department overview: costume, dye room, structure and production management.

Introducing a cost and time efficient system by digitalising designs using photoshop and illustrator, making these accurately transferrable to large-scale.

Ghost Ship, Walk The Plank

Body painting the UPG Parkour members who performed in the celebration of the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s accession to the throne, and the commissioning of his favourite ship – the Mary Rose.

Peter Pan Kensignton Gardens, Bill Dudley

Assistant dresser for Tony Mason’s crocodile puppet

Bangla Queen, Kinetika

Touring costumes celebrating Bengali women, performing on Brick lane Mela and the UKCCA launch.



Alicia Keys European and US tour production O2 arena, Kite Related Design

Take That “Circus tour”

Keane Perfect Symmetry World Tour

Reckitt Benckiser RB – Corporate re-brand,

Precision sewing and maintaining department objectives for high profile, bespoke commissions:




Beijing Youth Olympics, Kinetika Design Studio

Costume and Headdresses Maker and workshop Leader. Workshop management.

Make-up and Technician for unveiling of Mandela Statue 2007.

“Cinderella” Old Vic Theatre, Kite Related Design

Sewing giant inflatable pumpkin.

“Aida” English National Opera, Kinetika Design Studio and Zandra Rhodes

Lead artist on reconstruction of Large-scale elephant to a lighter, performable puppet.

Tiger and Emperor , Kinetika Design Studio and Walk The Plank

Large-scale costume, Dressing and make-up.


Ti Jean and his Brothers, Kinetika

Bloco Headdreses and workshop leader/ Make-up design

Henley Regatta Finale, Henley Council/ Kinetika Design Studio

Creating costumes for the finale procession of 200 + performers with 6 Primary Schools and D&T Textiles GCSE

Tiger Out East ,Kinetika Design Studio

Structural dresser and pattern cutter for animated bengal tiger made by Tony Mason and Mike Pattison

Make up design

Trinidad Carnival “Threads of Joy” , Brian Mc Farlane

Large-scale silk dyeing for costumes winning Band of the year.


Roads to Freedom, Kinetika

Bloco Costume Workshop Leader/ Make up Design

Derby Carnival, Kinetika

Derby Queen structural/dye/ pattern cut and sew for large-scale. Mentored by Murphy winters


Space is the Place, Kinetika Bloco

Designed and made costumes with 150 bloco partcipants for Thames Festival.

“Greenfield Light” Glastonbury Festival, Peter Hilary

Creating large-scale willow and japan rice paper lanterns [/h6]

London Torch Relay, Kinetika and Greenwhich and Docklands Festivals

Visited 15 primary schools and led Design, Batik and Flag-making workshops aiming to create 100 giant flags for the London Torch Relay.



“Din Shuru” touring, Kinetika

Assisting in making backpacks for performers, cross pollinating with sewn costume.

Designing make-up



“Yemanja” Ryde Carnival and Thames Festival, Kinetika

Oxun puppet costume design.

Oxun section headdress and accessories workshops in schools.

Band make-up.



“Celebrate South Africa” Thames Festival , Kinetika

Sculpted the african heads for 16ft puppets, assisting in structure. Full puppet body paint, dressing and extensions: hair, hands, breasts.

Ryde Carnival, Kinetika

Costume, structural, head-dresses and make-up departments volunteer.

Pattern-cutting laminate puppet with Murphy Winters, as well as making simple backpacks, incorporating structure into mobiles, wings and skirts.

Southampton Carnival, Southampton City Council

Artist assistant in schools, attended training day and made and performed jellyfish costume