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Flags , Mobiles and Bunting

Flags, mobiles and bunting transform and liven any space and express the voice of communities and individuals.

These fun and vibrant workshops are extremely inclusive:
The designing and making process is open to all abilities and ages, people from all walks of life can participate at any level of the creation process, learn a new skill, feel represented, and have a fun and memorable experience.

Workshops have been held in schools and community spaces, working with up to 90 pupils and large groups of people of all ages- even babies!

Examples of past work includes the May Day peaceful protest with LAWAS, mobile-making in 6 different schools in Basingstoke for world party in the park, creating 1km of Shimmy Bunting for Kingston Youth arts festival, and creating bird and dragonfly mobiles with primary schools in Henley for the Henley Regatta Finale.