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Dec 13 2016

When there is a quiet moment, the choices are to continue and explore those areas that are left untouched, through the nature of work being usually what someone else wants you to do. One can rarely fund one’s own projects, and having to maintain a level of monthly outgoings, it is unusual to sit infront of one’s own imagination and bring out immediately what one has from within in its purest essence. I am sat here now with an endless amount of wishes to achieve.. I have this marvellous personal project of  bringing el Callao to the UK, which is keeping me on my toes. But in the studio I unlock the untouched scraps of fabric , and bits of leather , metal and beads I have collected for years. I have pending an ” armour” collection, I have extracted various items and am piecing them together- either I wear them myself, or I will find a bunch of eager bunnies to parade around in Medieval fetish wear for new year… While designing these little play pieces I was digging around for some pencils. My coloured pencil collection is not huge. I rarely draw solely by hand anymore. SO I have stopped buying them. I resort to what I have, which is pretty much the dregs of 16 years ago, with the odd altantis purchase of a silver or gold. The best coloured pencils by far are these. They have a soft delivery, and warm up to each other when layered. They fuse, they delineate, they shade, they merge. These are quite possibly 30 years old! Or maybe a little more.. I think I was in class three.. Check out the name tag!  

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