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Carnival and Outdoor Performance

I joined the carnival scene in the UK rather unexpectedly in 2001.

Following the completion of my degree in Fashion Design and a Jellyfish costume for Southampton Carnival, I discovered Ali Pretty and her team running an exciting production of puppets and costumes for Ryde Carnival. There I met the legendary Murphy Winters and decided I would immerse myself into his world of structural wizardry. I helped him pattern cut our first (and last ) laminate puppet, and thus started a lovely relationship filled with intreague, imagination and skill-gaining. I was swiftly roped into sculpting two giant african puppet heads and from this day I never looked back.

Kinetika, and Ali, have been my constant throughout the years- empowering me with opportunity, trust and free reign of my creative language. I have journeyed through possibly all disciplines and departments- and enjoy them all. I have my preferences and my better skillsets, and what I am very sure about is that I love working with people, be this collaborating on concepts and makes, or facilitating learning.

I believe where there is Carnival and Outdoor Performance, there is a greater understanding, sharing and grasp of culture. Here, doors open. This is the world I wish to live in, and through my work, I support.

My relocation to the South West has opened up new relationships and new opportunities, locally, nationally and internationally, leading me to a language I can call my own. I am certainly looking forward to being part of developing the arts in the South West, while continuing on my ventures in lands near and far.

Here are images of work projects I am proud of.