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Finesse, flight and fandango

 Rexy the Coach Dino, photo Observer BAKU European Games 2015 UAE day EXPO 2015 Milan UAE Official 44 National Day 2015 Alicia Keys Touring Cinderella @ Old Vic Southbank Festival of Love 2014 London Paralympic Closing Ceremonies 2012







Precision sewing

Site Dressing

Large-scale pattern cutting

Textile design

Digital design translation

Backpacks and Structure

Project management

Workshop management

Resourceful and creative problem solving for lightweight, high impact, largescale creations interfacing between design, costume, structure, props, and fabrication.

Collaborating with professional artists and production teams to deliver spectacular large builds, specialising in outdoor Festivals, Theatres, Carnivals and Ceremonies since 1999.

Regular organisations/ partners are Kinetika Design Studio, Kinetika Bloco, Tony Mason and more recently Five Currents. EEA, Billie Achilleos, Global Grooves, Cabasa Carnival Arts, Walk The Plank, Burn The Curtain, Kite Related Design.